Coolbot Cooler Room Construction Almost Completed!

You may have heard of a project The Gathering is doing thanks to a grant from the UWM Cultures and Communities Program Office (Check out the project description here:

Through this grant, The Gathering is partnering with UWM professor Dr. Phillips and her undergraduate class entitled, “Practical Approaches to a Sustainable Future.” The class is growing their own produce in ten garden beds. They are learning the science behind creating sustainable human systems and food production. As an added bonus, the class will be working with The Gathering’s Fresh Produce Preservation Project to learn how to safely preserve the produce they have grown. 

Already, the class has donated close to fifty pounds of produce to The Gathering’s Fresh Produce Preservation Project.


Another perk of working together, is that The Gathering is constructing a Coolbot Cooler room (pictured above!). In a space donated by All Saint’s Cathedral (, construction has begun! The room is made out of studded wall panels with polystyrene foam insulated walls. Using a window a/c unit and some innovative technology known as a Coolbot (read more about it here!, the insulated room will be able to get down to temperatures close to 30 degrees F. This room is perfect for storing produce while it is waiting to be preserved! It greatly increases The Gathering’s ability to accept produce donations and is a huge asset to the Fresh Produce Preservation Project.

Construction on the room should be done by the end of this week, just in time for the UWM student’s preservation session in early October. Stay tuned for more pictures and updates! Special thanks to all of our supporters who made this room possible, especially All Saint’s Cathedral, the UWM Cultures and Communities Program Office as well as Dr. Phillips. Also, thanks to board member Jim Lerquin–who did much of the room’s physical construction! and Ron Khosla, creator of the Coolbot who has been crucial in answering our Coolbot questions.


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